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But unfortunately, men are not so inclined to schedule a routine physical examination or well-care visit otherwise. Physical exams are important because certain medical conditions have such a gradual onset that it is possible for symptoms to be overlooked. In addition, some major health issues display no symptoms at all, and can go undetected for months Many men first learn that they have a condition that requires the use of medication, such as hypertension, only after receiving a physical exam.

Aggressive cancer prostate prognosis. Întârzierea acută a prostatei

By scheduling routine physical examinations, many health concerns can be addressed before a health crisis situation arises. Heart health is also linked to brain health and sexual health, so for men who want to keep as fit as possible well into their golden years, a regular trip to the doctor is key.

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The nurse will check your vital signs and record them for the doctor to look over. Your blood pressure, weight and body temperature will be checked and recorded by your nurse, as well.

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You will typically be asked to give a urine sample, and blood may be drawn for laboratory tests. Once in with the doctor, your health history will be discussed and carcinoma prostate life expectancy doctor will go over any concerns he may have based on your recorded information.

You will be given a chance to express your health concerns or voice any health issues you may have been experiencing.

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