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Christoph C. Zielinski Short description: Mr. Duda participated as an expert in several national and international scientific meetings, having the status of a former associate professor invited to teach at the University of Freiburg, Germany. PhD Fabian Fehlauer was granted the status of associate visiting professor for the academic yearteaching in the Medicine program.

He is a lecturer at the University of Hamburg, a specialist in radio-oncology and radiotherapy. Biography: Mr. He is a specialist in radiation therapy: radiation therapy, oncological radiation and palliative care. He is also a doctor of medicine at the University of Hamburg and a lecturer at the University of Hamburg, a research associate in the Radiotherapy Department at the University Hospital of Hamburg Eppendorf, along with Professor Alberti and at the University of Luebeck, along with Professor Richter.

Fehlauer is a co-founder and medical superintendent at Strahlenzentrum Hamburg SZHHwhich is among the most modern centers for radiotherapy, radiosurgery and diagnostics in the world. Short description: Dr. Biography: Dr. Peter Paul Fischer and Dr. Cristina Antoaneta Fischer, Associate. Currently, Dr. Biography: Prof. As a chief researcher, he has participated in more than international research projects funded in Germany, Switzerland, France, Serbia, Italy carcinoma prostate radiology assistant Spain, the fields covered being biomaterials and dental implants.

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Calvo Guirado has published articles, 10 books and 6 book chapters. Renate Viebahn-Hansler, Chemist Dr. Biography: Mrs. Renate Viebahn-Haensler is a prestigious German chemist, consultant and member of the Carcinoma prostate radiology assistant Association of Chemists, of the International Ozone Association, member of the board of directors of the German Society la plajă cu prostatita Ozone Applications and member of the board of directors of the German Medical Association for Ozone Applications sinceas well as a member of the New York Scientific Academy.

Professor Viebahn-Haensle is a graduate of Tuebingen University, Ghimbir prostată, where she graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry in and a PhD in Philosophy from the same university since The third edition of this book is considered a true bible of ozone therapy.

Short description: Mr. In addition, he is a member of numerous scientific councils and main researcher in more than 25 research projects, funded prognosticul tratamentului prostatitei cronice different public institutions regional, national and Europeanas well as a member of the editorial committees or advisory committees of numerous Spanish publications on international law.

He is also the author of numerous books and articles published in different languages, on issues related to international public law and European Union law. He holds various awards and distinctions, including the Galicia Research Award and honorary professor award at the University of Vigo. Professor E. Since Professor E. Mijiritsky is an active participant in scientific meetings, has received numerous awards for recognition of professional activity and has participated in 8 grants.

He has published 59 articles in international professional literature, being the author of a book and a book chapter. Short description: Mrs. Author of numerous publications in the field of criminal law, civil law and international law, Mrs. Professor Liran Levin has published more than articles and chapters in books in the international profile literature and is involved este posibil să cicoare cu prostatita research carcinoma prostate radiology assistant in the fields of periodontology, implantology and dental trauma.

He has given courses both nationally and internationally carcinoma prostate radiology assistant dental implants and periodontal diseases. Professor Levin is Associate Editor of the International Dental Journal, the Quintessence International, Dental Traumatology and a member of the Editorial Committee and a manuscript reviewer for some of the top professional journals in the fields of periodontology, implantology, dental trauma and general dentistry.

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PhD Uwe-Bernd Carcinoma prostate radiology assistant was granted the status of visiting professor invited to theach for the academic year, under the program of Medicine studies. InMr. Liehr completed his residency in urology, and a year later he got his PhD in the field of cancer treatment, the topic of his thesis being renal cell carcinoma. Inhe was appointed permanent doctor of the University Hospital of Urology, and from he also holds the management position mentioned above within the hospital.

The specialization of Dr. Liehr also refers to the field of pediatric urology. His clinical and scientific goals include surgical treatment of male incontinence, tumor surgery, laser surgery and the use of laparoscopy in urology, for example in the removal of bladder or kidney stones and implant surgery, such as the use of artificial ureters, as well as treatment.

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Currently, he is working on the clinical applications of new, minimally invasive percutaneous tumor therapy irreversible electroporation — IRE or NanoKnife.

His research focuses on renal cell carcinoma, an extension of prostate carcinoma. He is currently an associate professor at the Department of Implantology and vice-dean for international affairs at Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania.

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He is also a Medical Director in two private dental clinics with the main focus on implantology and a member of the advisory committee of ADIN Ltd. Lorean has performed clinical studies in more than 20 countries worldwide and is the co-author of 6 US patents, has participated actively in the international education and training program for physicians involved in the research regarding the treatment of stroke patients.

He was also involved in a research project on the possibilities of treating peri-implantitis using titanium granules, research carried out by Tigran Ltd. He is currently involved in research projects related to dental implants applied to diabetic patients, while also studying the long-term outcome of implants applied to healthy patients. He is also working on developing a surgical device for minimally invasive sinus growth.

Professor Lorean has published over 27 articles in the field of implantology and maxillofacial surgery. He has also given numerous lectures, seminars, courses, interactive teaching of live surgery and webinars in Israel and all over the world. He is also an honorary director of the Droit Dauphine Institute.

Short description: Prof.

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Joseph Nissan is a dentist, researcher and specialist in Oral Rehabilitation. He is also a member of the Department of Prosthetics sincebeing an associate professor of the School of Dental Medicine at Tel-Aviv University, Israel and former director of the Implantology Division and of the post-graduate Prosthetics Program.

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Currently, Prof. Professor Joseph Nissan is a member of the Editorial Board and an international reviewer for leading international professional journals in the fields of prosthetics, dental implantology and general stomatology.

Professor Joseph Nissan has participated in 20 grants, published around articles in international specialty literature, is the publisher of a book and eight book chapters in the field of Prosthetics and is involved in research mainly in fixed prosthetics, implantology and dental aesthetics.

He has been quoted in the literature more than 3, times, having a H-index of He has held lectures both nationally and internationally in the fields of implant-prosthetics and fixed prosthetics and is an international lecturer of the FDI-World Dental Federation.

The main areas of research and the main focus of his lectures are Prosthetics and Implantology, including: restoration of endodontic treated teeth, accuracy of imprinting techniques, biomechanical aspects in implant-prosthetics, importance of imprinting techniques in implant restorations, implications of preserving the extraction site, implant restorations and implants on the jaws, aesthetic and restorative result of prosthesis on implants in the case of the atrophic alveolar ridge.

Biography: SinceMs.

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She is carcinoma prostate radiology assistant researcher at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, interested in the development of agreements on international fishing, long-term fishing and cooperation, international development, enlargement of the European Union and development of the Common Fishery Policy.

In addition to the teaching activities at the University of A. Coruña, Mrs. Coruña, director of the European Documentation Center in A. Oanță is the author of two books one co-authored with Jacobo Ríos, professor of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia in Francebut she has also written several chapters of books published by prestigious publishers and articles of legal specialty published by Web of Science Journal Citation ReportsSCOPUS and other Spanish legal magazines.

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He is a professor of toxicology at the University of Ancona, Italy, an international expert in ozone therapy. He is an expert in basic experimental pharmacology techniques, such as in-vitro tests and in vivo experimental toxicology. In collaboration with Dr.